Can this be perfect testosterone booster for men: A review of Tongkat ali based Andro400

ronmalesConfused about all those Testosterone boosters claiming to make you the man again More muscles, better erections, raging libido.

Over my years of sports and fitness training, I’ve searched a lot on all these testosterone boosting supplements and mechanisms to increase it naturally.

In this article, I review Andro400, comparing it with other T boosters available in the market today.

If you are interested in andro400 testosterone supplement, you should definitely read this post – How to pick a testosterone booster?

If you are in a hurry, here is my final verdict on Andro400 testosterone product :-

Based on the scientific researches done on the ingredients, I am of the opinion that Andro400 may be a good T booster but not good enough because it misses on some other powerful testosterone boosting ingredients. Besides, it has the potential to boost growth hormone or HGH levels because of Arginine, but only mildly.

In my opinion, PrimeMale and Prosolution are better and more potent testosterone boosters than Andro400.

Andro400 review and Andro400’s Ingredients

Andro400 has some ingredients proven to increase testosterone. There are some scientific researches done about these ingredients.

At the beginning when I heard this product name, I guessed that it contains androstenedione, widely known as “Andro” or “4 Andro”. Interestingly I was wrong. Andro 400 does not have any “andro” there. Androstenedione is a prohormone, and is a potent Testosterone booster but it also comes with its own side effects.

Instead there are 3 main ingredients as per the Andro400 website says.

    • Eurycoma longifolia 250 mg
    • L Arginine 250 mg
    • L Citrulline 250 mg

The recommended amount to take is 2 capsules per day. In that case taking 2 capsules provides you 500 mg of Eurycoma longifolia, 500 mg of L arginine and 500 mg of L citrulline.

In other words, 1500 milligrams of all of the above per day.

As I got to know through their website, they have two varieties of this product. They are; Andro400 and Andro400 Max

The main difference from the regular formulation is that it only contains Eurycoma longifolia. Andro400 Max – which is what we are discussing here -contains the 3 ingredients listed above.

Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack or Tongkat Ali)

This is a herb and it has other names like Malaysian ginseng, Longjack and Tongkat Ali. This is extremely popular as a testosterone booster.

There are other testosterone boosters on the market containing this herb – Regimen, Syntheroid, Triverex etc.

In order to get a perfect idea if this Andro 400 works well, let’s look at the researches in the national library of medicine for the following ingredients.

While the study on rats revealed a substantial upsurge in testosterone, the study on humans shows varying results, with no clear cut establishment.

However, it’s interesting to note that the results from different studies done on Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali conflict with each other because of the different “age groups” of men.

Another interesting thing is that among all the research done on Tongkat Ali, one group of research workers in Brazil noted that Tongkat Ali’s accurate powers to increase testosterone appear to be similar to another powerful ingredient called “Tribulus Terrestris” and both work in the way it can prevent the “inhibitory effects of estrogen on testosterone creation.”

This is the same mechanism by which prescription drugs like Nolvadex, Arimidex, Aromasin exhibit their anti-estrogenic effects when used in testosterone replacement therapy for men.

Nolvadex is a very popular drug in the bodybuilding community too, who make use of this drug to enhance their testosterone levels.

This is one of the major “mechanisms” by which men can increase their testosterone levels.

However, “Tribulus Terrestris” and “Tongkat Ali” both seem to be a better and safe alternative to prescription anti-estrogens as prolonged use of these drugs can make estrogen levels too low, with harmful results for the lipid profile, calcium deposition, libido, etc.

So, thumbs up to andro400 to include Tongkat Ali in their product.


Arginine and L Citrulline

Both of the above products are known to be non-essential amino acids. Also they are commonly found in anabolic hormone booster supplements, especially the growth hormone boosting products.


This is also known as “L arginine.” It has a reputation in increasing the growth hormone levels. L-Arginine is also researched for increasing endothelial Nitric Oxide, It is a useful in expanding our blood vessels and plays a huge role in harder and stronger erections.

Therefore, arginine is popular among males as a performance supplements (erection supplements) and male enhancement supplements too.

Italian researchers discovered that L-Arginine supplements really helped blood sugar metabolism and insulin sensitivity of fat, Type II diabetics.

Naturally, elevated blood sugar and insulin sensitivity isn’t only an issue of overweight diabetics but is the bane of many people having Western diet and lifestyle.

L Arginine is just another substance that’s used in a number of the entire body’s procedures and has the potential to influence your endocrine system, especially your growth hormone levels. L-Arginine is a part of collagen and therefore is also essential in skin care and repair.

Trivia: The “L” term in L Arginine is chemistry related one. That says the molecule is “left handed.” In fact, all the muscle amino acids which build muscles are left handed.

However, no direct co-relation of Arginine and Testosterone is established. But, indirect effects cannot be ruled out. Like Arginine enhances growth hormone, which then can cause “Leydig cells” in testicles to grow and produce more Testosterone.

Coupled with the fact that it enhances nitric oxide, one can see why it’s such a great option to increase erection strength.


This amino acid helps us make arginine. Therefore, I believe one reason nutritional supplements include citrulline is the fact that, by helping us make arginine, it may help us additionally increase growth hormone levels.

Since additionally, it may also enhance nitric oxide levels, citrulline can also be within erection nutritional supplements also.

In this 2011 study, titled, Oral L-citrulline supplementation enhances erection hardness in men with moderate impotence problems, 1.5 grams of citrulline was demonstrated to enhance erections in men compared to a placebo.

As for its effects on growth hormone, this does not have enough backing. In this 2011 study Dose- ranging effects of hormonal patterns in healthy subjects and citrulline administration on plasma amino acids: the Citrudose pharmacokinetic study, 15 gm failed to seem to increase growth hormone levels in a little number of guys.

The 15 gm used in this study is more than the 500 milligrams of citrulline included in 2 capsules of Andro 400.

Truth is, there are more strong Amino acids than citrulline that can play a role in increasing HGH(human growth hormone) and thereby Testosterone as well to help rejuvenate a man’s sexuality.

Andro400 and Abdomen Fat

There is not ample scientific evidence available if the ingredients in Andro400 can decrease abdominal or belly fat. However, Human growth hormone, has the potential to do so, and Andro400 has some ingredients to stimulate natural production of HGH in the body, but to be honest, Andro400 does not seem to be a strong enough HGH supplement.

Other Andro400 information

Andro400 and women

No proof seems to be available if Andro400’s ingredients enhances or changes testosterone levels or sexual function in women.

How Much Does Andro 400 cost?

The merchandise web site had these costs, as I wrote this review:

Andro 400: $29.95 per month

Andro 400 Max $34.95 per month

Purchasing on the site does enter customers into an autoship program at the place where they’re going to send a new bottle every month till you cancel.

Andro400 Side Effects

I am unaware of any negative effects. I did not see much about side effects, once I hunted online. Having said that, below is a summary of theoretical negative effects that many people might find.

This list might be incomplete and you should consult with your physician before taking the supplement, especially if you have some medical conditions like blood pressure.

Arginine may have a blood thinner effect. This may restrict blood thinner drugs. Those who take blood pressure lowering drugs should speak with their physician/drugstore. Blood pressure may be reduced by arginine.

Before using arginine supplements, individuals who experienced a heart attack should definitely speak with their physician.

Arginine might cause outbreak of herpes virus in people suffering from herpes.

Bottom line : Does Andro400 Work?

Based on the scientific researches done on the ingredients, I am of the opinion that Andro400 may be a good T booster but not good enough because it misses on some other powerful testosterone boosting ingredients. Besides, it has the potential to boost growth hormone or HGH levels because of Arginine, but only mildly.

Here are the issues in the nutshell:-

    • Ingredients are not diverse enough to beat the homeostasis system of the body
    • Targets enhancement of Testosterone by only 1 mechanism, thereby reducing its effectiveness dramatically. The best testosterone boosters will have a diverse range of ingredients that work in synergy and all by different mechanisms to naturally enhance testosterone in the body.
    • Better Testosterone products are available in the same price range. In my opinion, PrimeMale and Prosolution are better and more potent testosterone boosters than Andro400.
    • Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat Ali, the primary ingredient may not work for all age groups, although seems to work great for 50 + men.
    • Not the best of the herbal formulation, which makes the Andro400 product a moderate T booster and a weak HGH booster


Further details on Tongkat Ali research studies that show conflicting results

A 2014 study titled Supplementation of Eurycoma longifolia Jack Extract for 6 Weeks.

RESULT: No effect on Urinary Testosterone: Epitestosterone Ratio, Liver and Renal Functions in Male Recreational Athletes.

The title speaks for itself, but in a nutshell, for 6 weeks, 13 healthy non-athletes (recreational athletes) (average age about 29 years) were given either a placebo or 400 mg of Eurycoma longifolia (For 6 weeks they got the supplement and for 6 weeks they took a placebo). The study used a specific supplement called “Physta” made by Biotropics Malaysia Berhad.

Results: Eurycoma longifolia had no effect on testosterone levels as measured in the urine tests.

Second study

A 2014 study titled Tongkat Ali as a potential herbal supplement for physically active male and female seniors-a pilot study. In this investigation, 13 males and 12 females (57-72 years of age) were recruited. All of them were physically active individuals.

Results: After 5 weeks of use, 400 mg of tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) increased testosterone levels in both men and women.

You might notice that both the studies are different from one to another. That indicates that eurycoma longifolia works in a different manner in different age groups.

A 2013 study titled Effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects. Here, 64 men and women were randomly given either a placebo or 200 mg of a eurycoma longifolia supplement (the supplement used was Physta, made by Biotropics Malaysia Berhad). The study lasted 4 weeks.

Results: These researchers indicated that the Physta supplement has increased testosterone levels (by 37%). This study shows that it doesn’t affect in body fat. Therefore the research may imply that Andro400 may not have any weight loss effect because Tongkat Ali is the main ingredient here.

For losing weight, human growth hormone might be more beneficial than testosterone. Several fitness experts and bodybuilders hold this opinion.

You might see that the 2103 study does not show any ages of the participants and it is a drawback. If the age groups were mentioned, this study would have been more sufficient.

However, as per the research, if eurycoma is effective, it might useful with adults of high age group (40+) when 400mg is used per day.


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