Use the power of your “unconscious mind” to increase the size of your penis

Many men find themselves in the situation where they wish they had a bigger penis.

You hear about things like “size matters” and “the bigger the better” all around, so you end up thinking an extra inch couldn’t hurt. But you should know that every cheap pill, potions and gear will not have a lasting effect on your organ size, so don’t fool yourself thinking all those penis enlargement ads are real. They’re a scam.

If you want to increase the size of your penis, there are some mental hacks that can help though. They won’t do any harm, like pills or potions, and will make your feel better when you master the techniques.

However, you should know there are some limitations. You penis size will not double, that’s a given. Instead, you can use science to help it grow to its maximum size, especially when erect.

You may think that using your subconscious mind to increase the size of your penis is a myth, but there are some simple causes behind it. When working with your mind, you find yourself in a calm, stress-free zone. This enhances oxygenation level in your entire body, including the penis.

Blood vessels are no longer constricted and allow a strong blood flow. The more blood gets pumped into your penis, the larger it is, especially when erect. You may have noticed how sometimes your penis seems larger in erection, especially when you are extremely aroused by your partner, while other times it just won’t grow as strong, like when you’re stressed or have something on your mind.

That’s because stress affects the constriction of arteries and influences the blood flow.

First of all, “Neuro Linguistic Programming” – also known as NLP – can turn out to be a great deal of help. NLP is based on rewiring your brain and unconscious mind to achieve better results in different areas of your life or to cope with stress, traumas and depression.

What you can do is repeat daily affirmations like “my penis size is growing more and more each day” and other positive stating. You want to repeat these exercises for at least a month. Make sure you’re alone and calm when you do these – you don’t want to be interrupted or disturbed.

Another great performer for your subconscious mind is visualization. Try to visualize your penis the way it is then picture it growing larger and larger, both flaccid and erect. Practice this exercise several times a day.

You could also try to include your partner in the visualization and imagine you both share the joy. This should let you feel confident and calm, influencing the blood flow in your body.

Hypnosis is also often used for solving different issues, including penis size. If you believe you subconscious mind hold the call, you can even program your body to continuously focus on cell growth and continue during your sleep.

Use as many positive affirmations as you wish and maintain a positive thinking pattern. Not only it can work miracles, but it will also help you become more confident and self aware.