Using penis pump along with male enhancement pill

The penis is made up of 50% smooth tissue, muscle, and blood vessels. That makes it very similar to all other muscles in the body and the similarity means that it can be exercised and made bigger. Manual exercise is very effective at increasing penis size. You can use your hands to exercise your penis and if you want, you can incorporate a penis pump into your routine.

One of the popular forms of manual exercise is known as Jelqing. It is a manual exercise where a man moves his fingers over his penis in a motion similar to milking.

What do people do in order to increase the size of their muscles? They simply go to the gym to lift some crazy heavy weights and in the process, they tear their muscle tissues. After that, they go eat protein-rich foods so that their muscles can be repaired and multiplied in the process.

This is how jelqing and using penis pumps work. Here is a more detailed description of the jelqing procedure.


The first thing you have to do is to lubricate your penis – you don’t want too much friction with your hands. The penis should be 50-80% erect because ‘milking’ it at full erection can cause tissue damage. The next step is to form a circle with your index finger and thumb then hold the penis at the base. Grip on the penis just enough to make sure that you restrict blood flow and start sliding the hand towards the glans. Stop once you reach the base of the glans. You should take your other hand to the starting position before unclenching the first hand to prevent blood from escaping.

Jelqing is a very effective penis enlargement technique but its results are not immediately visible. It might take between few weeks to months to notice any changes depending on your physiology and dedication. One of the best things about jelqing or using penis pumps is that if it works, the effects are long-lasting. As long as you do the exercise at least once per week to maintain the size of your penis, you can be guaranteed that your penis will never go to its previous tiny size.

Another thing that people usually wonder is whether penis exercise is the be-all-end-all when it comes to male enhancement. The simple answer is that manual exercise is a tiny piece of the puzzle. In order to achieve total male enhancement success, you must also use male enhancement supplements in order to help your penis to grow.

There are numerous male enhancement supplements in the market that you can use to support your manual exercise routine. Male enhancement supplements have various substances that promote blood flow to the penis which is a necessary part of making the penis larger. Apart from improving blood flow, male enhancement supplements also help your body to produce muscle and other soft tissues that are needed to make the penis enlargement permanent.

Final words

No matter what size your penis is when flaccid or erect, it is easy to make it larger by using a combination of manual exercises and male enhancement pills. As long as you have a regular exercise routine using a high quality penis pump and use high quality enhancement supplements like VigRX Plus, you can be guaranteed of having a larger penis and overall better sex life.