How to meet sexual and emotional needs of your woman?

The sexual health of women; knowing what you need to meet your sexual needs

Discussing your sexual need with your hubby can be a rewarding experience that strengthens your marriage. Try putting into consideration some of the tips here

A woman can only be in excellent emotional condition when her sexual needs are being met. Good sexual health does not happen overnight. A lot has to be put in. There has to be open communication. It is never easy to talk about sexuality, but it is always worth the effort.

This guide was created to make your a woman enjoy sex once again.

Women’s sexual health

The assumption most people make is that sexual activity is stimulated by desire. Simply put, you only have sex when you are in mood to. Even though this may be true for men, studies have shown that it is much more complicated for women.

Women, especially those who are in their 40s or more and have crossed menopause, require more than physical desire to get into the mood for sex. At this point, she sees sex as a means to express her feelings, or draw closer to her partner.

We can then infer from here that sexual satisfaction is different for men and women. While some women may be looking for orgasm during sex, others are okay with just the pleasure of sexual arousal.

The first step to take in improving the sexual health of your woman, is to let her and encourage her to open up to you.

The role of the men

Intimacy can be quite a hard thing for men. At the thought of intimacy, the next thing that comes to the mind is sexual intimacy. The intimacy we are talking about here is very different.

Women try to get intimate with their man through their emotion.

Where men get it wrong is when they believe that intimacy means meeting only the sexual needs of their women. One common erroneous action men take is trying to meet the attention their women are seeking for by buying them gifts. It sometimes makes men to wonder why our girlfriends and wives aren’t still happy after all the efforts.

It is that easy for men to connect emotionally, but you will get it all wrong as a man when you believe you are right on track when you show love and care to your partner by helping out with house chores, catering to the needs of your family, or planning your vacation. However, don’t push the limits and remember your role as a man.

Women suffer from frustration when connecting with their men becomes a problem. So guys stop thinking you are being there for your wife or girlfriend by just providing to her needs.

There are no quick fixes to intimacy. You need to have a receptive heart to listen to her without defending yourself. Be willing to accept constructive criticism, and give feedback. Bear in mind that you have not really failed as a father or boyfriend, only that you got a lot of work to do.

Let your partner know how you feel as well. Let her feel that you are also vulnerable, and that could mean simply doing nothing. Women want like it when their men can relate well with them.

Find out from your partner the areas where you need improvement. Maybe you are not being supportive enough or not showing enough care. Never make assumptions.

One way of knowing that your woman isn’t connecting with you, is when she withdraws herself sexually or physically. They will criticize and invalidate you, but all they really want is your attention.

One solution to this problem, is being open in your conversation with your partner, so as to reconnect back with her. Doing so helps you regain your sexual intimacy with her. Most at times, we are tempted to run or pretend like all is well when they are not in our relationships.

For the men, this usually takes the form of avoidance and compartmentalization. You have to approach such issues from a new angle this time around. Talk out your problems with your partner.

Avoid the trap of resorting to criticism, be very open in your conversation with them, and you would be amazed how things would turn out. Your relationship just ends up getting sweeter.

The role women need to play

The first thing to do is to talk about your needs. It might feel a bit awkward talking about your sexual needs and desire with your partner, but it is worth it. Talking out with your partner about your sexual experience makes things easier on your partner, and helps bridge the gap in your relationship, thus making your sexual life much richer. So here are some helpful tips

Acknowledge your uneasiness. Let your partner know if there is something bothering you. Be willing to open up makes things easy on the side of your partner. The simplest way to start is to start up a conversation, as doing so will help build up your level of confidence.

Also set a time limit. Make your talks as short as possible. 15 minutes of talk on this topic, helps make things smooth.

Don’t stop after your first talk about your sexual experience. It should be something you do all the time.

A good book or movie has a lot to offer. If the book teaches about women’s sexual health, stir the interest of your partner in reading it. Watching a movie that reflects women’s sexual experience is a great way to start up a conversation.

Topics you need to discuss with your partner

Being specific when talking about your sexual needs makes things easy. Some of the topics that need to be talked over with your partner include;


Do you two devout the right amount of time to your sexual intimacy? If there isn’t sufficient time, may be it is about time you two changed your priorities.


Are you on the same page with your partner when it comes to romance? If romance is missing in your relationship, there is need to find it again.


What do you two really enjoy during sex? Listen attentively to your partner to know their interest. There might be need for compromise, so that everyone goes home happy.

Routine vs. rut

Has your sex life fallen into a dead routine? Do you need to make some changes? Changes you might have to make could either be changing the times you have sex, or trying out new sex styles. Masturbation, massage, oral sex and even vibrator can liven up your sex.

Emotional intimacy

Sex isn’t just a physical act. Sex gives couples the opportunity to reconnect and know themselves much better.

Physical and emotional changes

How possible is it that changes which could be as a result of weight gain, surgery or illness affect your sex life? Try eliminating whatever it is that is hampering your sex life. Stress is a major culprit here.


Let your partner know what you believe concerning sex. Some men think women lose their desire for sex after they have crossed menopause. This is of course not true.

Coping with each other’s different sexual needs

Appetite for sex isn’t the same for everyone. Illness, stress and career is a major determining factor. Talk this out with your partner

The same goes for intimacy needs.

Intimacy does not end at sex, it includes spiritual, recreational and physical needs as well.

Sexual desires for couples also differ. Try finding a meeting ground so that everyone stays happy.

When to consult a doctor

If after observing most of the tips shared here and your problem still continues, you will need to talk it out with a doctor. Poor state of health can affect your sex life. If you are suffering from illness like vaginal dryness, you will need to seek treatment. Proper medication and lubrication can help solve this problem