Effects of obesty on sex life

Obesity is a major problem among Americans. On top of that, it exists with some pretty well known diseases. One of the well-known obesity related diseases is Diabetes, another is hypertension/cardiovascular disease, another is sleep apnea, and lastly we have high cholesterol.

Most importantly sexual dysfunction is also among the most common diseases that are associated with being overweight, and the one most rarely discussed. It is usually accompanied by hormonal disturbances. Additionally, and sadly, the affects are emotional distresses.

Erectile Dysfunction

Research tells us that erectile dysfunction (ED) is present in over fifty-three (53) percent of the male population. The dysfunction usually starts at age forty (40) and lasts through the age of seventy (70).

Some may think that the man is the only person suffering from this disease. However, because of the great decrease in sexual pleasure woman also happen to be the victims of sexual dysfunction that comes with obesity and because of this they might also suffer from anxiety. Usually bad sexual performance leads to worse and eventually depression arrives for both men and women.

Erectile dysfunction is actually quite serious. Here are some of the erectile dysfunction risks:

• The first risk is age
• The second risk is cardiovascular disease
• The third risk factor is high blood pressure
• The fourth risk is low testosterone

If you want to add more risk factors to having erectile dysfunction try smoking and eating a poor diet/junk food.

Besides, not only will a sedentary lifestyle probably give you erectile dysfunction but you will also attract diabetes.

Obesity and Sex

Research shows that obesity does damage your blood vessels. When your blood vessels are damaged, the blood flow in penile region gets disturbed. Usually, blood vessels damage is also accompanied by decrease in testosterone, which again creates hinders in having a full, strong enough erection for intercourse.

Research also shows that your body, in the condition of obesity, becomes inflamed causing free radicals that damage more body tissues.

All of these problems associated with obesity will cause sexual problems.

Sexual Problems: The role of blood flow in penis

Mainly, anything that may cause heart disease, or that may cause a stroke can also cause sexual problems. Additionally, damaged blood vessels potentially cause sexual problems.

One of the reasons the penis becomes erect is because it fills up with blood. These vessels of blood have an inner lining called, the endothelium. When the endothelium lining becomes damaged the penis does not, cannot, and will not receive its natural blood flow. Blood flow is the needed substance to sustain a human male erection.


Improving erections naturally

Research tells us not to panic. You can improve most of the sexual problems, and ED that is caused by the obesity. Here’s a list of things you can do to get the blood flowing to your penis again.

1. First you will need to make some specific healthy lifestyle changes and improve your diet and regularly take time for exercise. It’s important that you get serious about an exercise routine. Stop smoking, if you smoke.

2. Second you will need to get your body mass index (BMI) to a level lesser than 30.

3. Third, look for healthy, safe and natural alternatives to prescription drugs to treat the erection problems. Here is a list of herbs that guarantee a better and stronger erection.

Follow the instructions on this page and your erectile dysfunction and sexual problems will probably be erased faster than you thought.

Get fit today! The last thing to do is reduce blood sent to mans second brain!