How to pick a testosterone booster? Which supplements are best ?


ronmalesConfused about all those Testosterone boosters claiming to make you the man again More muscles, better erections, raging libido.

Over my years of sports and fitness training, I’ve searched a lot on all these testosterone boosting supplements and mechanisms to increase it naturally.

Truth is a huge percentage of testosterone products, especially the herbals and natural ones you see being sold are either gimmicks or not as effective as they claim them to be. This is because of many reasons. But, here are the top 2 reasons why most of them don’t work:-

1. Lack of quality and diversity of ingredients. For a product to be able to increase your Testosterone effectively, it has to include ingredients that are really backed by some solid science and clinical studies.

And the ingredients should be working via “various mechanisms” to enhance the Testosterone in the body.

If you take just one main ingredient, you should “cycle” the product with another one which works differently, as your body gets used to a particular ingredient and “Resists change” because of the homeostasis system of the body.

That’s why diversity of ingredients becomes crucial if you want to beat the homeostasis.

Some companies include fillers in their ingredients or are primarily based on a single ingredient, that’s why the product either does not work right away or it keeps on becoming less effective with subsequent use.

2. People are different and there can be several “endocrine” or other factors why a man’s Testosterone is low. One has to understand the HPTA axis of the body to understand this. The “hypothalamus” releases GnRH hormone , which signals the “pituitary gland” to release the LH (luteinizing hormone) , which in turn travels all the way to the “testicles” to signal the “Leydig cells” of testicles to produce more Testosterone.

If you have a tendency to convert Testosterone into estrogen, (which is a female hormone, so to speak), your production of GnRH as well as LH will be decreased, as the estrogen basically gives the same feedback as Testosterone to those glands.

And if you have too much of either of these hormones, the “hypothalamus” and “pituitary gland” will back off and testosterone levels will fall, as the body keeps a balance and check of the level of hormones. So, more estrogen in the body is bad for men.

So, overall our hormonal system is a complex phenomenon, and the only way to ensure that a product should work for you is to take a T booster that has a huge diversity of ingredients, that targets these mechanisms from various angles.

T boosting ingredients you should look for

Tongkat Ali is a good T booster, but there are other testosterone enhancing ingredients that are more powerful and should be present in your supplement.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus has been put to use for hundreds of years by ancient healers as an all-natural performance enhancer and testosterone booster. Naturally increasing your testosterone levels, Tribulus raises your red blood cell count, leading to better oxygen transport and blood circulation.

Well, one significant thing to notice with Tribulus Terrestris is the fact that just like Tongkat Ali, the studies demonstrated that testosterone didn’t substantially rise in younger, healthy guys. However, there have been anecdotal reports of testosterone boosting with young men too.

The truth is there can be various forms of “hypogonadism” and Tribulus Terrestris might work excellent in some cases. That might describe the numerous anecdotal reports of it helping with low testosterone or erectile dysfunction.

Also, Tribulus has some outstanding properties, including raising libido, that make it an incredibly potent bedroom booster even in instances where it just marginally helps testosterone. You can expect to enhance both libido and nitric oxide.


One research on 30 youthful men found that free and total testosterone increased by 12% and 7% using fenugreek extract.

Now that isn’t a huge increase, but in addition it appears to proportionately hinder the conversion of Testosterone to DHT and estrogen. Which means, it supposedly increase testosterone by more than one mechanism and has a synergistic effect when used with other T boosting herbs.

Another clinical study of a standardized extract of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) on 60 healthy men demonstrated increase in libido. Specifically, there was a substantial upsurge in sexual arousal and climax.

Read more about the studies on Fenugreek.

Editor’s note: TestRx is a good supplement that has all these 3 ingredients – Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek.

Mucuna Pruriens (Natural L-dopa)

Its powerful dopaminergic activity enhances HGH and its strong anti-stress activity decreases cortisol. Research has shown that cortisol can actually destroy testosterone molecules before they can even leave the testes.

Besides, dopamine and Testosterone seem to work together in the human body to exhibit the health benefits.

I recommend PrimeMale and Prosolution as the best testosterone boosters out there, because both of them contain Mucuna Pruriens.

According to the PrimeMale’s website – “Scientists at the University of Lucknow gave 150 men 5 grams daily of Mucuna for 3 months. The result: improvement in both the quality and quantity of the men’s semen. In another study, a different group of men also took 5g of Mucuna pruriens extract and increased testosterone levels on average by 27.3%.”


Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is an Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb that grows primarily in India and is mostly utilized as a stress reliever because of the astonishing effects on stress hormone levels and its calming effect.

Despite the fact that Ashwagandha isn’t structurally similar to other herbs in the “Ginseng” group, it is still also attributed as the “Indian Ginseng” as it’s similar effects in your body.

However, Ashwagandha is most unique because it is a powerful testosterone booster and can enhance Testosterone via various mechanisms or pathways.

More studies that you may find fascinating:

a) An Indian study conducted in the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, found out that infertile men who are given 5 grams of Ashwagandha for 3 months raise their testosterone levels by 40% on average in comparison to placebo.

The guys who had normal sperm process noticed an increase of 15%.

b) In another human study, the physicians at Mahalaxmi Clinic in Mumbai, India, found out similar effects. They gave their evaluation group of 25 guys an infusion of Ashwagandha called KSM 66 which includes 5 grams of withanolides (the effective compounds in Ashwagandha). They had a placebo group.

Here’s the way that Ashwagandha works:

1. Ashwagandha directly seems to increase LH (luteinizing hormone). Testosterone synthesis is stimulated in gonads via LH.

2. Adaptogenic properties of the herb reduce cortisol which maintains testosterone molecules intact raising free and total Testosterone.

3. The herb boosts HDL cholesterol, that’s the direct precursor of testosterone.

Those would be the mechanisms so far demonstrated by science but there might be more to that, considering the fact Ashwagandha is not low in zinc and multiple other testosterone boosting minerals. In fact, it is considered a rare and precious herb in India.

Zinc has also been proven to increase Testosterone a little, that’s why supplements like ZMA are so popular. Zinc deficient men may get some benefit in testosterone levels, if nothing else from improved sleep.

Korean Red Ginseng

This is a well known herb used for its sexual benefits since centuries and also for the immune system, boosting energy, and increased longevity.

In studies, testosterone levels were raised in laboratory animals and in addition Korean or Asian Ginseng has been applied to take care of male impotence.

It may help dramatically in particular conditions, particularly men which are struggling in the androgen/fertility regions. Several studies have noticed that cAMP levels are boosted by Ginseng. One followup study found that DHT, LH and testosterone levels increase in men.

Some Ginseng manufacturing companies are caught with lead in the their merchandises. So, always ensure you only buy the best T products containing Ginseng.

One double blind placebo study from Korea found that guys who took ginseng for 8 weeks experienced significant developments in erection quality, functionality, and sexual gratification vs. a control group not consuming the herb.

Tribulus alatus:

Evaluations released in the Brazilian Journal of Urology concluded that examined infusions of tribulus alatus demonstrated a substantial rise in the amount of free serum testosterone in comparison to that of accompanying control group and that tribulus alatus infusion seems to possess aphrodisiac action as a result of its androgen raising property.

Vitamin D3:


Commonly used to treat osteoporosis in men, Vitamin D3 contributes to bone health, including maintaining bone density and also to maintaining optimal Testosterone levels.

In clinical evaluations athletes who received vitamin D had comparatively modest but statistically significant increases in testosterone when compared with placebo. For example, total testosterone levels increased by 3 nmol/litre to 13.4 nmol/litre after 12 months. The same trend occurred with free testosterone.

Why Vitamin D works?

There are many bits of evidence to imply that vitamin D could have played a part in the increased testosterone levels. This is important since the main reason for the study was to evaluate weight loss and not Testosterone evaluations.

Besides in some experiments on mice, those who do not have receptors for vitamin D, it was found that they suffer from less-than-normal quantities of testosterone.

The testicles have receptors for vitamin D, indicating this vitamin has some part to play there. Another human study found a connection between vitamin D levels in the blood and testosterone levels.

Stephen from has a cool cheat sheet to increase testosterone using vitamin D, Cod liver oil and Brazil nuts.

Recommended supplements

Based on the above testosterone boosting ingredients, quality of the product and the reputation of company behind manufacturing, I recommend PrimeMale and Prosolution testosterone boosters.

Here are the top 5:


Other tips you should consider before buying a Testosterone booster

1. Try to look for supplements containing DAA (D-Aspartic acid)

While the other herbs and compounds we discussed have been known to mankind for several years now, DAA or D-Aspartic acid is a fairly new entrant to the list of substances that can increase Testosterone. I came to know about it from some bodybuilders who were all raving about it.

It’s unique because it has a very unique mechanism to enhance Testosterone.

Supposedly, DAA does so by activating/strengthening those cells inside the pituitary gland that release the LH hormone (luteinizing hormone). It has the potential to modify the nucleic structure of those cells.

However, it has to be used in high doses to be effective and this might have some neurotoxic effects.

The two supplements I like that have this ingredient are PrimeMale and DAA by Prime nutrition. However, the latter product has just one ingredient – DAA as its main ingredient and as we discussed earlier, we need a multi-ingredient supplement that increases Testosterone via various mechanisms.

2. Depression and low levels of dopamine are connected to low T and smaller testicles size.

The best thing I ever took to increase my dopamine levels was Rasagiline, and interestingly it also increased my Testosterone levels. There is ample evidence that Testosterone and dopamine actually work together in the body for various functions.

I don’t know if any scientific study that has shown any cause-effect relationship, but in my opinion no cause-effect establishment is absolutely sound or undisputed, no matter how scientifically proven it might seem.

What I do know and can tell from personal experience is that Dopamine and Testosterone go together. Dopamine is also related to HGH.

So, I have some unusual tips regarding this. Since Rasagiline is a prescription drug and you can’t get it unless you get it prescribed for yourself, you should try L-dopa, an otc available supplement to increase dopamine or Mucuna Pruriens (natural L-dopa).

I have searched a lot on those supplements that contain this , and I really liked PrimeMale which has Mucuna Pruriens and the DAA both.

Prosolution Plus is also good as that has all these ingredients in one product – Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens, Ashwagandha and another very potent sexual boosting herb called Shilajit. I highly recommend Prosolution Plus too.

3. You might need something extra if you want T booster for bodybuilding.

If you are looking for a testosterone supplement to get better results with your bodybuilding endeavours, I have this tip – Take a supplement that effectively triggers both the HGH and Testosterone together.

One supplement that does this and I really like is HyperGH 14x.

This product has DHEA too, which is a natural precursor to Testosterone and it converts to T in the body.

Using effects of growth hormone and testosterone together, you should definitely see more noticeable muscle building results.

4. Control cortisol. Take Glutamine

High cortisol levels and high stress might be detrimental to testosterone. One supplement that controls cortisol and also increases Testosterone is L- Glutamine. Read more about it. It’s also good for testicular health.

5. HIIT and compound exercises for T

HIIT or High intensity interval training, is one of the most effective way to enhance Testosterone naturally, even without supplements. Same goes for compound exercises.

When you do strenuous workouts or overload your muscles, your body has two ways to respond.

Either by increasing blood circulation to the muscles and thereby the nutrients’ supply to them. Or by responding with your endocrine system and releasing more “manly” hormones that help you do the manly task of weight-lifting.

All exercises usually trigger both of these mechanisms, somewhat. However, HIIT and compound exercises are the best to get that endocrine response from the body and naturally increase testosterone.

Testosterone hardens muscle, estrogen makes them soft. And interestingly, compound sets make your muscles hard.

6. Understand the role of anti estrogens ie. SERM or AI inhibitors. Herbs that simulate the AI inhibition mechanism, anti estrogen

AI inhibitors increase testosterone by blocking “estrogen” (by preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen). SERMSs like Nolvadex work by preventing the estrogen to give a feedback to the pituitary on how much level of estrogen is present in the body.

(The pituitary believes estrogen hormone is less, so it has to produce more testosterone by increasing LH, so that testosterone would convert to estrogen.)

The herb Tongkat Ali, the primary ingredient in Andro 400 does this same anti-estrogenic effect. Besides Tongkat Ali, other herbs like Tribulus also do this. There are some anti estrogenic foods too.

However, the most strong anti-estrogenic effects are produced by prescription drugs like Nolvadex, Arimidex, Aromasin, Exemestane and you can only be prescribed by an endocrinologist or an anti aging doctor, if you decide to undergo testosterone therapy.

7. Take care of your testicles

Testicles are where testosterone is produced. So, it’s important to understand “testicular health” and what may cause your balls to shrink.

Top 5 recommended testosterone products



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7 Most Powerful Ingredients EVER in Male Enhancement Pills

ronmalesHi, I am Ron Males, a sports performance enhancement specialist. I believe sports and sex have a lot in common.

I have also searched and researched a lot on male enhancement pills like you and after finding there is a lot of misinformation out there, decided to set up this website after doing some real thorough research.

In this article, I talk about what ingredients in male enhancement products have the most powerful effect on enhancing the size of the penis.

We all know how popular male enhancement pills are, however, the biggest problem with most products out there is that either they don’t have effective ingredients or they just don’t have enough quantities of those ingredients.

The best products out there are those, which have diverse set of ingredients that work via different pathways or mechanisms to beat the homeostasis system of the body and increase the size of the penis.

Besides, no one wants to pump themselves full of chemicals just to improve their sex lives, especially if those chemicals have terrible side effects and can cause other health problems in the future.

So, the ingredient should not only be effective, it should also be safe and free from severe side effects.

There are some products coming out on the market that are all natural products having some pretty potent ingredients in there that will give you incredible results without all the annoying side effects.

I recommend Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus male enhancement pills as they have the most effective herbal formulations as discussed in this article.

When looking for a product, you should look for some specific ingredients that are among the most powerful ingredients male enhancement pills can offer.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

In the science world it is known as epimedium sagittatum; however you may have heard it called barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed, rowdy lamb herb, or randy beef grass.


In China, it is known as yin yang huo.

As if the names don’t give it away, the plant can be used as an aphrodisiac and a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The legend states that it was first discovered by a Chinese goat herder that noticed the increased sexual activity amongst his goats after they ate this specific plant.

It contains a substance called “icariin” which is a PDE-5 inhibitor similar to sildenafil, more commonly known as Viagra.

This means that it increases the nitric oxide in the penis during sexual arousal giving you more control over ejaculation.

It also relaxes the muscles in the shaft to allow more blood flow and increase the size of your erection .

This is the crucial ingredient because it practically forces the body to send nutrients (including the tissue building chemicals and nutrients) to your penis. This when combined with ingredients that enhance testosterone, dopamine and human growth hormone, is highly effective for male enhancement.

It has been used along with four other epimedium species as a way to treat impotence for thousands of years in China. It should be combined with other herbs, especially when used for sexual improvements.

By itself, it can cause aggressiveness, irritability and fever. But on the plus side, it can also prevent headaches while giving you an insane sex drive.


The scientific name is ginkgo biloba but it is also known as maidenhair tree. It is a true piece of history as it is one of the oldest living tree species in the world.


It can do wonders for your mind, making things more clear, enhancing your memory and improving your focus . It can also help with depression, especially depression brought on by erectile dysfunction.

It is proven to reverse the negative effects that certain antidepressants and SSRIs can inflict on your sexual performance .

Because of its anti-depression like symptoms, potential to enhance dopamine in the body and aid in tissue recovery and healing, it’s one of the best male enhancement ingredient out there.

Enhancing Dopamine and Human Growth Hormone plays a huge role in male enhancement. Learn more.

It is said to improve a man’s desire, ability to be excited, improve orgasms and it will give you a nice glow after you finish . Ginkgo has a large amount of flavonoids which improve circulation in your body.

This explains why your mind is so much clearer, because of the increase in oxygen your brain is receiving. It also means more blood flow to your penis, leading to harder and longer erections.

Because it increases blood flow, you need to be careful using this supplement if you have a history of blood disorders, especially if you have issues with blood clotting. However, it is a very safe supplement that has proven results.

READ MORE:  What can a sportsman teach you about male enhancement?

Panax Ginseng


Panax ginseng is the scientific name, but it is more commonly referred to as true ginseng, ginseng, panax, or Korean ginseng.

There are other species like Red Ginseng and American Ginseng that don’t have the same results, so be sure to read the bottle carefully.

It has been used in China, Japan, and Korea for centuries as a sexual enhancement drug. It is proven to improve energy, improve vitality and helps to reverse libido loss.

Like the other supplements we have seen on the list, it is proven to improve blood circulation and increase nitric oxide synthesis, so it not only gives you a bigger erection, but it helps you control when you ejaculate .

It is also scientifically proven to increase endurance, and decrease stress so you can last longer and be more relaxed in bed.

Low stress levels and low cortisol are crucial for penis enlargement. This is because HGH )human growth hormone) is inversely related to cortisol levels. Read more about HGH and cortisol.

hgh penis

And you definitely need to increase your HGH (the growth hormone) levels in the body, if you want your penis to grow further.

Human Growth hormone (or HGH) is required for any muscle growth, and your penis is simply a muscle that also requires this hormone to grow.

Interestingly, there are anecdotal reports of some bodybuilders who heavily use HIIT (high intensity interval training) seeing an increase in their penis size, girth wise and length wise. HIIT dramatically increase HGH.

And some steroids users using HGH have reported it too. There is a scientific study on this as well.

So, the first thing you need to understand before investing in a penis enlargement pill, is you have to take a mult-ingredient product that uses several different mechanisms to influence your hormones, especially the three crucial hormones I mentioned ie. dopamine, human growth hormone and testosterone.

Studies show that those that were using panax ginseng in a controlled test experienced significantly better results in sexual function than those that were given the placebo.

60% of men taking ginseng found improvements in achieving an erection and then maintaining it. They also said they had a heightened sexual desire and satisfaction during sex. Plus they didn’t report any side effects .

You shouldn’t combine this supplement with certain drugs, so be sure to talk to a doctor to keep any side effects under control; however overall it’s a very safe drug that has proven to provide results and even help men suffering from some kind of erectile dysfunction.

Mucuna Pruriens


Also known as cowhage seeds or velvet bean, Mucuna Pruruiens is a natural source of levodopa which is a precursor to dopamine .

Found mostly in Africa and Asia, the dopamine that is produced by this plant helps to regulate your mood and pleasurable feelings. This makes it a great way to help fight against depression and other mental disorders.

Dopamine is a natural sex enhancer. It has been proven to delay ejaculation. It can also increase the length of your erections and can help you recover faster, leaving less time in between sexual encounters.

As discussed earlier, Dopamine stimulates the part of the brain that produces human growth hormone. This hormone is what helps to make your penis bigger, which can improve your performance and make your partner happier.

It is also known to increase testosterone levels and improve your libido, especially for people that are diabetic.

Read the scientific study on HGH and penis size.

Increased libido means more blood flow to the penis which also helps increase strength and size of erections .

If you use it in excess, it can make your body feel over stimulated or restless, so just be sure you talk to your doctor to be sure you are taking the appropriate dosage.

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Muira Puama


The scientific name is ptychopetalum olacoides and it is more commonly known as potency wood or the “Viagra of the Amazon.” You may see the name spelled a variety of different ways: mara puama, marapuama, or para pama.

It is found in native Brazilian trees and it is most common to use the bark and the root. Studies have shown that people showed an increase in sexual desire after only two weeks of using the supplement.

51% of those in the study that were having erection issues said there was significant improvement and 62% found an increase in libido.

It is used as an enhancement supplement in lots of medicines for older or aging men, although it has been proven to be successful for men from a variety of different ages .

With short term use, muira puama can increase blood flow to the penis, helping you have bigger and longer lasting erections. After more long term use, people can start to feel the production of sex hormones enhanced, causing more sexual attraction.

Tribulus Terrestris


It can be called a variety of different names: bindii, bullhead, burra gokaharu, caltrop, cat’s head, devil’s eyelashes, devil’s thorn, devil’s week, goathead, Puncture Vine, and tackweed.

It is a common Chinese aphrodisiac that is used as a natural male enhancer. It contains dioscin, diosgenin, and protodioscin which have all been proven to have a positive effect on libido, fitness, and muscle mass development .

It can increase male sexual function and increase the levels of testosterone in your system, which will improve size and sexual performance.

Studies show that in certain test subjects, testosterone levels increased up to three times after only using the supplement for five days . It enhances the androgen receptors in the brain which will increase libido .

One study shows that 85% of the men participating in the study had an increased libido after 30 days and 94% showed an increase after 60 days .

The increased testosterone can have other benefits for your body as well. It can help you increase the amount of lean muscle mass in your body and decrease body fat .

This all can help you get in better shape and give you more energy not only for everyday activities, but also in bed. More energy helps you last longer.

It is also known to produce more sperm and more viable sperm, which can be helpful for those that are having trouble shooting blanks.

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Shilajit is a natural substance found in the Himalayas. It contains over 85 different nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial to your sexual health. People in the north of India know it as salajit, shilajatu, mimie, or mummiyo.

It is a blackish-brown powder that comes from the rocks in the Himalayas and has been used for centuries by the people to improve vitality and fight against aging (supposedly by enhancing HGH).

Shilajit is made up of lots of different antioxidants and minerals that give you energy.

Both of these qualities can be beneficial to your sex life as much as your everyday life. The extra energy gives you a new vitality in bed and the antioxidants help your body recover faster.

They also help enhance blood flow to the genitals, improving size and improving your erection. It can be used as a way to beat stress and stress is a common factor in low sex drive. By being more relaxed, you can better perform in the bedroom.

It is used as an anti-aging supplement and as you age, your libido decreases. Shilajit helps you gain more strength in your older age and improves your declining libido by increasing testosterone levels .

Read more on increasing testosterone naturally.

It can also help you gain muscle mass, making you more desirable to women and giving you more confidence to initiate some sort of sexual relationship.

Bottom line: Recommended pills

The above mentioned are some of the best herbal ingredients on the market. Individually they have their benefits, but when combined, they can do wonders.

Products like Vigrx and Prosolution are two all natural supplements on the market that combine the benefits of the above mentioned ingredients by using more than one of them together as a supplement.

You get the best from each individual ingredient and it’s all combined into one pill for easier use. Instead of taking 7 pills in the morning, you only have to take one.  Products like Vigrx and Prosolution Plus which give you the best of all of these ingredients.

As you can see, natural is the way to go when it comes to male enhancement. The proof is in the studies as well as the results of men across the country.

Using products that include one or even a few of these ingredients are definitely going to give you great results and help you improve your sex life and sex performance. They each have their own special qualities and it all comes with minimal or no side effects.

You’ll have more control over when you ejaculate, an increased libido, you’ll be able to last longer and have more energy.

In addition, you can see increases in penis size and an increase in sexual desire, all of which will make what happens in the bedroom that much more exciting. Then it comes to getting the most out of your enhancement pills, natural is definitely the way to go.

Though they are natural, certain people may experience side effects from any of these supplements. For all of these supplements, common side effects include a headache, stomach ache and temporary nausea. None of those problems are severe and they go away very quickly.

Again, these are all natural products with very limited side effects. Some of these products may have negative side effects when combined with other medicines or if you have some sort of preexisting condition like heart disease. It’s important to talk to a doctor first to prevent any serious health problems.

The role of dopamine in male enhancement | Dopamine supplements and precursors for better sex and enlarging penis size

Sex, dopamine and the world cup

Do you know what sex and world cup have in common? Or for that matter, what orgasms, good foods, watching sports and drugs have in common? If you don’t know the answer already – it’s dopamine!


Dopamine stays behind our motivation for…well…everything. This ancient old mechanism is the nature’s way to lead us towards procreation, feeding and all the activities that keep us alive and healthy – it manipulates the brain into finding the necessary survival activities pleasant, so you would keep repeating them.

Whenever you do something that you find pleasant or that your body finds pleasant, your brain releases dopamine. It’s the best drug ever – in fact, this is how drugs, smoking and other habits get you hooked up. They interfere with the reward center and make you release a large amount of dopamine. And this is how you end up liking to have sex or watching sports, smoking or shopping.

I remember growing up and having those amazingly special days where the whole family would get together to watch the World Cup. The atmosphere was so exciting while we couldn’t wait to see what happens during the game. In fact, the days before the final game were a blast – the expectancy of the last game made us all feel great, like Christmas was coming. That also has a lot to do with dopamine.

The trick is dopamine doesn’t just kick in when something has been achieved, but also when all the little steps that lead to that action take place.

The preparation, the calls for inviting my relatives over, clearing the schedule so that we would all be together – these things let the brain know something great is about to happen, and dopamine gets released as a result.

Sex and dopamine

Take sex, for example. The sexual act itself makes your reward center release a blast of dopamine, but so do the little things and actions you do before, that your brain recognizes to be leading to sex – kissing, taking the clothes off or watching your girl get naked out of the shower. The orgasm is just the cherry on top of the cake. The same happens when watching the World Cup games.

Many people say they don’t understand spending so much time watching a game. But the answer is dopamine. Watching a game, expecting a goal just like you expect the orgasm during sex, carefully anticipating the wow factor in some schemes the players perform – they all make your reward center in your brain go crazy, in a good way.

Come to think of it, soccer is pretty much like sex and all the seduction that leads to it. The thrill, the adrenaline rush and the release of dopamine make you an addict seeking the same experiences over and over again. The more you watch games, the more you are aware of all the little actions that could lead to a goal, and we all know the familiar excitement of watching your favorite team mark. The same goes for sex – the more you do it, the more aware you become of the secrets that lead to it, of all the little clues the women gives you to let you know she wants you.

Remember when you were a teenager and sometimes went crazy about sex, acting somewhat recklessly and seeking more and more? That is a common thing that happens when dopamine exceeds the normal level – the chemistry in your brain increases your sexual desire. Constant high levels of dopamine can lead to different behavior patterns, making you seek more and more of the thing or action that causes its release, just like a junkie seeking for drugs. The same goes when having an affair or watching porn movies – the thrill causes a raise of the dopamine level, which is extremely addictive.

Dopamine and penis enlargement

The secret to penis enlargement that many don’t know is “Your mind controls the size of your penis.”

All crucial hormones like dopamine and human growth hormone are produced in your brain.

When I was researching on what makes your penis bigger for real, I came across an interesting observation that “People having highest form of some “political” power have highest amounts of dopamine, be him an American president or Genghis Khan”. And most politically powerful people are involved in some kinds of sexual scandals. A documentary on Discovery channel noted that there are more than 10 million people in the world having a gene of Genghis Khan.

So, apparently the same hormone which causes you to have motivation also has something to increase your sexual prowess.

The dicks of politically powerful are bigger and uncontrollable.

I also recalled that when I took an L-dopa supplement, which is supposed to increase “dopamine” naturally in your body, the flaccid size of my penis increased. I took that supplement when I was suffering from depression, for a while in my life. I also took another prescription drug called Rasagiline that also increases dopamine by other mechanism.

Most people can’t handle high dopamine

Typically, when dopamine levels go too high, people tend to re-absorb it again, in reward centres in the brain, so to release and consume pleasure.

That’s why porn addiction or watching too much porn is bad for your penis size and your dopamine levels. Because watching porn and masturbation, a lot, will cause the dopamine reward centres to hyper-excite and will eventually cause low dopamine in the body. Read more on this on website.


For more penis size, you need higher dopamine and HGH (human growth hormone) in the body. And if you combine it with high quality penis pumps, you’ve got a recipe for success. The penile tissue stretching and tearing that comes with penile pumping, will make your body crave for more dopamine and human growth hormone, because the tissues would need healing, just like when you workout in the gym and tear your muscles. Because the primary purpose of HGH is to build muscle tissue and add size, and it does efficiently in the presence of dopamine and testosterone. So, it would be possible for you to elevate your hormonal levels to well above your average or what your body is accustomed to.

Dopamine for better sex

A balanced dopamine level is the key to feeling pleasure without the negative parts of it. You probably noticed that sometimes it happens that you feel wild and passionate about your partner and can’t think of anything else but the great moment when you’ll get to consume your love between the sheets.

However, after a little while, you suddenly feel separated, you no longer have that great urge. That’s when the prolactin comes into the picture. If dopamine makes you feel high, prolactin is the one getting you back with your feet on the ground. Mother Nature probably realized that without prolactin, we would have had sex over and over again, and then who would have taken care of the babies or other things that are equally important for us? However, when prolactin hits the spot, we no longer feel the effects of dopamine.

That’s why I recommend a clinically proven male enhancement supplement Vigrx Plus that takes care of not only, the issue of raising dopamine, HGH and testosterone , but also the issue of decreasing prolactin levels.

Exercise is also a great way to keep higher levels of dopamine. HIIT is the best, because it enhances HGH and dopamine both.

Dopamine cycles

There is a continuous cycle happening in our brains, of high and low point of dopamine. During the high point, we tend to do the same activity over and over again. Once we’ve reached a maximum and the levels start dropping, we tend to feel abandoned and feel the urge of seeking other dopamine producing activities, such as smoking, drinking or other reckless activities.

When talking about sex, conventional, sex seems to produce and endless cycle of high and low dopamine levels, which can cause mood swing, anxiety and other issues. A possibility of breaking the cycle lies in unconventional sex making and by that I don’t mean fetishes. Having sex without reaching an orgasm may limit yourself and keep you away from high dopamine levels that would afterwards attract high prolactin levels that can lead to depression, anxiety and other negative states.

So, in order to keep a good relationship, don’t give up watching sports if that’s what you enjoy and try diversifying your love making and sex techniques. Keeping your dopamine levels constantly balanced may lead to a great, satisfying relationship more than wild sex might.

The Truth about penis size | Does penis size matter?


Ask any credible sexologist about this matter and you’ll only hear four words: Penis size doesn’t matter. But the reality is different – size does matter to a great deal of men.

Why the disconnect? There are many reasons behind it.

Are there any safe, effective ways to increase size? You bet there are, but they don’t involve cheap pills, potions, or patches.

Here’s why sexologists say size doesn’t matter. First of all, men take great pleasure from their penises, regardless of the size. An estimated 95 percent of penises are average size (3 to 5 inches flaccid, 5 to 7 inches erect) and just a very small percent is significantly different (smaller or larger).

Moreover, when women have been surveyed about what they want in a lover, the majority mentioned attractiveness, kindness, caring, listening, sense of humor and shared interests and values while very few mentioned penis size. Finally, sex therapists report that female clients almost never complain about their partner’s size. As a result, most sexologists say size doesn’t matter.

Of course, an extra inch couldn’t hurt. Some women are more open about penis size.

But many men feel quite the shame because of their penis size. They’ve probably compared themselves to the well-endowed studs seen in porn movies and have concluded: mine’s much smaller. They’ve received countless junk emails for enlargement products, as their size wasn’t enough. They must have seen casual sex personal ads looking for men with huge ones.

In addition to this, men are convinced that size is the key to women’s orgasm since a big penis means deeper penetration and more vagina stretching. When you put all these together, you realize that the main message that is constantly being sent out there for men is that hot sex equals having a huge penis. Of course, an extra inch couldn’t hurt.

If you want to be bigger:

Forget enlargement products

Unless you are taking clinically proven ingredients based products, a growing number of these products are usually an expensive fraud.

Forget surgery

This is a two sided coin, since the lengthening surgery cuts the ligament that makes your erection stand up. You get an extra inch but erections no longer salute, not to mention how expensive the procedure is (around $15 000). Most often, you’ll need manual stimulation to be able to perform. Also, girth enhancement implies taking fat from the buttocks and getting it injected under the penis skin. No erection problem here, but you might often end up with a lumpy, deformed penis that will make you miss the old one.

Quit smoking

You’ve probably heard this advice a million times, but did you know smoking is related to your penis size? Smoking narrows the arteries, including those that carry blood into the penis. Less blood means a smaller penis, since size depends on the amount of blood in the organ. Smoking limits blood flow into the organ, which makes it smaller.

Exercise regularly

Exercising improves arterial health, allowing more blood to be pumped into the penis. However, it’s the whole body exercise I’m talking about – exercising the penis itself is pointless. The sex media sometimes refers to the penis as the “love muscle,” implying that certain exercises can buff it up, like they do for biceps. That’s a lie and you should know there are different kinds of muscle tissues. The penis contains a smooth muscle – it’s not the kind that gets bigger with exercise.

• Eat less meat and cheese and focus more on fruits and vegetables. We’ve already established that your penis size is affected by the amount of blood that is pumped into the organ. A diet that is high in animal fat raises your cholesterol level, which narrows the arteries, including those that carry blood into the penis. Try going a day or two a week without meat or cheese and eat five to eight daily servings of fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants that help keep the arteries open, and a bigger penis is not the only positive effect of a healthy diet.

• Lose the pot belly – Exercising regularly, eating less meat and cheese and focusing more on vegetables and fruits helps men lose weight, which also helps the penis size. A big belly encroaches on the base of the penis, making the organ look smaller. When you lose abdominal fat, you get a nice visual effect that makes your penis look larger.

Embrace meditative relaxation

The arteries the carry blood into the penis are surrounded by muscle tissue. When men feel anxious (including worrying about penis size), these muscles contract and constrict the arteries. Constricted arteries lead to a reduced blood inflow and size. In addition, anxiety triggers the “fight or flight” reflex that sends blood away from the central body, including the penis, and out toward the limbs for escape or self-defense.

On the other hand, as men deeply relax, these muscles also relax and allow the arteries to open to their maximum, maximizing blood flow and boosting size. When no longer stressed, the body flow returns to normal and invades the central body, penis included. Erection drugs actually work by relaxing these muscles.

Stay warm

You’ve probably noticed that in chilly locker rooms, your penis seems to shrink – just like swimming in colder water. But after a hot shower, it seems to look larger. That is because warmth is relaxing for the body and increases blood inflow and penis size. Before sex, bathe in hot water or shower with your lover.

Beyond these approaches, here are two more ways to temporarily enhance size:

Cock Rings

These rubber donut-shaped devices tightly encircle the erect penis. Typically used to help maintain erection, they also provide a small, temporary size boost. Flaccid or erect, blood circulates in and out of the penis. A ring restricts outflow somewhat by compressing the vein that carries the blood out of the organ. Once you take the ring off, the organ comes to its regular size, so don’t expect miracles. Any effect is modest and temporary.

Penis pumps

These plastic tubes create a partial vacuum around the penis. The vacuum effect draws blood into the organ, resulting in a temporary size enhancement. Models differ, but all include a plastic tube and a pump operated by a hand bulb. You squeeze the bulb, which evacuates air from the tube, drawing a little extra blood into the penis. Just remember, the effect of most penis pumps is also modest and temporary unless you are using a high quality, effective hydraulic pump.

Now that you know how to be all you can be, guys, I’m here to explain that men who are hung up on penis size are clueless about good sex. Any size penis can bring its owner great pleasure and can satisfy a partner.

On top of this, the best way to erotically impress women is to give them pleasure without using your penis. Only 25 percent of women are able to have an orgasm during vaginal intercourse no matter what the man’s size, so for the vast majority of women, vaginal stretching and deep penetration are not direct routes to pleasure and orgasm. Most women need and appreciate a gentle, patient, sensual clitoral stimulation with fingers, tongue, or toys.

Testosterone and the “real” man

Are real men a dying breed? Looking into what’s happening nowadays, you might say they are. Women have taken power in all areas, while men have slowly, but surely started to do more and more “womanly activities” up to the point of adopting fairly more feminine clothes.

But what does being a real man actually mean?

Well, scientifically talking, the difference between a man’s behavior and a woman’s one is given by multiple factors, amongst which hormones are very important. The “manly” hormone is testosterone -you might somehow say that the more testosterone you produce, the manlier you are. While women produce this hormone as well, it is in a very small ratio compared to men. Some women produce a testosterone excess and that’s why you sometimes see more masculine women than usual. However, testosterone doesn’t make you a man. It just gives you some incentives.

Things are constantly changing and shifting. Growing up as a kid, the roles of women and men seemed to be a bit more defined than nowadays. In my family, women were the ones to perform the majority of house chores, while men had their own set of activities. I grew up seeing how man spend their free time drinking beer, watching football, playing sports, while women had their own hobbies – seeing their friends and talking to them for hours, gardening, shopping and so on. While my father was helping my mother with the chores, I still remember she was the one making breakfast or the best cookies in the world – not my father. Today’s society seems to judge the different roles women and men have, but my family was happy just like that.

Today’s society tends to say that women need their power back, but does that mean the men need to start doing the chores? Adopting a soccer-mom behavior is not necessarily a positive aspect of feminism. Kids nowadays don’t know what to believe and don’t know what is ok and what isn’t. The media and all the mixed messaged contribute to their confusion, while they are constantly being told it’s ok to be confused. Have you ever seek the answer to a question, and instead of that got even more questions? It can drive you insane.

Seeing my father has taught me how to be a man. I didn’t necessarily learn how to properly iron the clothes from him, but I did learn important values that define a man to his core. I understood what being reliable means, I understood a man needs to find a way to support his family and be as successful as possible for his dear ones, and many other things that have shaped me. The same is available for all kids today, too – they tend to adopt their parents’ behavior and learn how to be men and women. But what happens if you see your mother working all day long while the father does all the chores? In today’s society, the information is so different upon what being a man and what being a woman means, that no one really understands what being a manly man even means.

In fact, did you know that a several studies were performed on large groups of people (over 5000) and they revealed a shocking truth? The couples where the women were performing the chores had a much more satisfying sex life than the couples where the men did a lot of the chores? If you ask the experts, they always tell you that helping the women as much as possible will make her feel more connected to you, more understood and loved. While that remains true, it seems that house chores won’t guarantee a good sexual life – on the contrary.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stating men shouldn’t help their partners out – on the contrary. But perhaps more testosterone means acting like a real man and taking care of your partner in different ways, not necessarily mopping the house and always washing the dishes.

When I was a kid, I remember the roles of men and women were a bit more defined. Sure, rigid roles lead to sexism and other negative behaviors, but where is the limit? The issue is not that women are taking power back, but the fact that during this process, men and their habits, hobbies and leisure started to be ridiculed and even mocked – you can see this in the media more and more. This may have a potentially harmful effect on men, and can lead to losing your identity as a gender. More and more areas that used to be dominated by men are now suitable for and dominated by women. While their spectrum of activities is enlarging, the men’s is shrinking.

A study performed by Rudman & Phelan in 2007 revealed that men who have a feminist partner are more satisfied in bed. However, the study was only made on 400 people and was determined as not at all representative. On the other hand, Kornrich et al performed a study in 2012 in a large group a few thousand people that showed the less chores a man does, the happier he is in his sex life with his spouse.

This makes you think that perhaps there’s a limit to what a man and woman can or cannot do in order to maintain a happy balance in the couple. After all, we’re supposed to complete each other, not be totally self-sufficient.

So next time when you feel less of a man, remember you are driven by testosterone. You are a man, in fact, not a woman. You can definitely help your partner out with house chores, cooking, washing, cleaning and so on, but do it just as often as you feel comfortable, without feeling you’re giving your manhood up – the same would be available for your partner. By doing so, you’re actually contributing to the equilibrium of the relationship. Having testosterone surely doesn’t make you a man, but knowing your limitations can definitely contribute to that.

Male Enhancement Scams

Male enhancement pills have become very popular over the years since their discovery. The pill is the go to product for men who want to enlarge their penis size or experience sexual dysfunctions such as an erectile dysfunction. There have been several different pills hitting the market, some that claim to be able to do extraordinary things. Most of these are false and have no scientific background to the claims. The problem with this is that men are swallowing pills that may have harmful chemicals included that may make them ill and most of the time the product does not work.

Most of pills hitting the market, making claims that seem too good to be true, are fake. Here is a list of scams which even have dangeorus ingredients.

The companies or people behind the pill have created a product that they deem to be able to change a male’s sex life for the better, assuring that there is no erectile dysfunction. These scammers take men who are desperate for anything to help with their problem and the companies pray on these men. It’s incredibly insensitive and can leave people spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in these products that will not work, only to find out they are not even able to get a refund. There have been several major scams in recent years, there are even claims that some are still active.

The companies that try and sell these faulty products use unethical marketing tactics targeting men who are desperate for anything to help them with their sexual dysfunction. It is incredibly inappropriate, rude, and disgusting. The FDA, the U.S Food and Drugs Administration, constantly perform research on the new pills and creams that hit the market and test for dangerous ingredients added into the pills. The administration says that the products will usually be sold as over-the-counter products, usually not sold at actual pharmacies since they have not actually been tested by the FDA.

Many of the companies have faced legal lawsuits for false marketing and advertising of the products and some are facing lawsuits for improper labelling of the ingredients.

Some of the companies will even print ingredients known to be in pills such as Viagra, to make them seem trusted. When in reality, the pills produced by the scammers contain little or none of the ingredients and may include harmful substitutes.

There are several ways to see that most male enhancement products are fake and scam. It requires that the consumer do proper research on any enhancement product before purchase because the product may be dangerous to consume and may just not work.

1. Ineffective or Harmful Ingredients

Many of the ingredients put into the scam products will not enhance male sexual performance in any such way.Most of the fake products will say that such and such ingredient is included when in reality it actually is not.

Besides, even if the product does contain “viagra” or other potent ingredients, that increases the potential chances of the products being risky or dangerous to consume for most buyers. (The main ingredient in Viagra, a trusted pill for male erectile dysfunction, is sildenafil, used for treatment of male erectile dysfunction but is only available with a prescription form a doctor.)

A recent product called, “Herbal Vigor Quick Fix”, contains an FDA tested drug called tadalafil. The drug can cause negative effects in men with diabetes or any of blood related illness lowering blood pressure. The drug is approved by the FDA but the product itself is sold online on sketchy websites is not provided by any pharmacists.

Even though the ingredient, tadalafil, is approved by the FDA and is included in Cialis, the product itself has been proven to be harmful. There are no danger labels on the packaging and the product is not provided by a trusted pharmacist. This is where the importance of performing research becomes very important.

2. Highly Unethical Marketing Techniques

When someone is desperate to make something change, especially involving someones sexual life, they are willing to do and take anything. Companies take advantage of these men who find themselves looking for something to help maintain their sex lives by putting together a non-working pill and promoting it with powerful slogans like “will work instantly”, “suffer from erectile dysfunction? Worry no more!”. Such slogans work wonders on people who are desperate for anything and companies take advantage of this. The marketing is seen as unethical, which it is, because they constantly target men with such problems and make it seem like a miracle product. The techniques work, unfortunately.

The companies also make ridiculous claims like a man’s penis will grow by three or five inches in weeks, and so much more. The claims are clearly false as they are unrealistic, but men seem to fall for it.

Some of the companies also open up their own review sites, where all the reviews will seem positive, with one or two negative reviews that are all very fake. The reviews will make the product seem as though they truly do work. The company has writers write the reviews pretending to be real people.

As for the company website, they will likely hire professionals to make the websites to make it look like they are legit and well maintained. This is just the fake front they set up to lure in the potential clients. It is false advertisement and it is illegal. Falling for such scams can leave people losing money very quickly. Performing research, and exploring the official FDA website is very important when it comes to male enhancement pills.

3. Irresponsible and Inadequate Staff

The staff for these companies will likely seem to be real people, they are. Only they are to play the role of real support staff. They are in no way there to actually help clients with anything. They will not want to help, they will provide unclear answers, and may not even answer anything at all. With products like male enhancement pills that are actual scams, clients will likely want a refund after spending hundreds of dollars on a product they were promised would work. The company would “say” there is a money back guarantee when in reality there is none. The company will keep your money and continuously take money out of your credit card if the product is on a recurring trial. This is how scams work and this is why they work.

Scam companies will not provide clients with any support, they will be incredibly irresponsible and plainly just not do their job.

List of Known Male enhancement Pills Scams

There is a list of known male enhancement scams that the FDA have sent out alerts for. Some of the most well known are in this list and have been known to be very popular among men with sexual dysfunctions and use major promotional methods to get the product selling. These companies will have websites that customers will find upon a simple Google search that will appear legitimate, don’t be fooled as they are not. Here are 2 products on that list:

Enzyte: Upon a simple Google search of “Enzyte Scam”, users will discover several pages claiming the product is a scam and how to get their money back. The free trial is fake as they automatically enroll the customers on the monthly subscription which costs approximately $40. The company will charge every time they send the customer the product adding the money up and make it very difficult for the average consumer to get a refund. The owner of Enzyte business got 25 years as prison sentence.

Extagen: Extagen has had some cases of the product actually working as it does contain similar ingredients to that of Viagra. But the product has not actually been approved by the FDA and is said to not be trusted. The company offers a money back guarantee but upon simple Google searches, potential buyers will realize that many don’t get any money back.

There are several more of these types of scams that have been reviewed and stopped yet some are still hitting the market. It is important for men to understand that even if they are desperate for a cheap and effective way to increase sexual performance and fix erectile dysfunction, Viagra and Cialis are two of the most trusted and FDA approved pills there are. These scams over promote and use slogans that overly appeal to people, which should be the initial red flag. It is important in speaking to a doctor about the dysfunction and getting a recommended pill, such as Viagra or Cialis. Research is also very important so that clients can avoid scams and avoid losing money.

Why you need “herbal extracts” and not herbs in herbal male enhancement pills?

Comprehensive information on herbal extracts in herbal male enhancement pills

Before we begin examining herbal extracts, let us first demystify the term. An herbal extract is a formulation that is prepared to enable people to separate/extract active substances from plant matter in order to make them easier for the body to utilize – what is left after the fact is unimportant plant material which is mostly fiber. Herbal extracts are made for many uses including nutritional and medicinal applications. Methods of extracting useful chemicals from plants were developed centuries ago and they have been getting better over time.

Apart from herbal extracts, we also have tinctures. The main difference between the two is concentration – extracts are more concentrated.

Herbal extracts are categorized based on the method used to prepare them. The first type is liquid extracts. These are made by using water or alcohol to dissolve active ingredients from herbs. These extracts can have dry herb strength of one part herb to four parts solvent (1:4) or higher. Anything less concentrated than this can be called a tincture.

The second type is solid extracts. These are liquid extracts that have been concentrated by evaporation to eliminate most of the solvent. These extracts have a dry herb to solvent ratio of 4:1.

The third type of extract is powdered extract. They are similar to solid extracts but even more solvent has been removed. They usually have herb to solvent ratios of 10:1.

Understanding “herbal extract ratios” and concentrations

The confusion about herbal extract ratios and concentrations stems from the naming conventions that manufacturers adopt when describing their products. For instance, some companies might give concentration ratios that compare the amount of raw herb used to the amount of concentrate produced. You may think that a higher ratio means that the extract is more concentrated but that is not the case – there are other factors that affect the quality and potency of herbal extracts other than quantity of raw materials used.

For instance, the quality of the extract is affected by how long the extraction procedure took – some substances dissolve slower than others. The extract’s quality is also affected by the type of solvent used. The type of herb being used also has an impact on the effectiveness of the extraction process. If the herb has a lot of starchy (intercellular) material, it might block up the herb material and prevent intracellular substances from entering the solvent. In this case, a smaller herbal matter yields more potent extract.

Are Higher Extract Ratios Better?

If, for example, you make a kilogram of bilberry fruit extract, you will get many other substances in the extract other than the active ingredient. In order to get more of the active ingredient in the extract, you have to purify it to remove unwanted substances. The extract ratio therefore doesn’t tell the whole story – you can have a 50:1 extract ratio but the 1 kilogram of extract can have unwanted substances. Such a high ratio might also mean that not all the active ingredient was extracted from the raw material. Generally, a higher extraction ratio does indicate that the herbal extract is more potent. However, the manner in which the extraction was conducted can affect the correctness of this assumption.

Why herbal extracts are better than the original herb?

Herbal extracts are better than their source herb because of one main reason: concentration. If you decide to use the herb as it is without extracting its active ingredients, you need a lot more of the herb to get as much active ingredient as contained in an extract. Furthermore, you will lose a lot of active ingredient as a result of your body being unable to properly break down the herb in order to get to the active ingredient. The methods used to make herbal extracts have improved tremendously and it is now possible to get all active ingredients from herbs.

Another good reason to use herbal extracts rather than herbs is that with extracts, you are sure of the exact amount of active ingredient you take in. If you use herbs, it is hard to know how much of the active ingredients will be utilized by the body.

How herbal male enhancement works? The complex hormonal and sexual dynamics

To be honest, even after so many years and so many products in the market, the real definition of the term “Male enhancement” seems to be vague, at best. For different companies marketing their products, this term might refer to various techniques used to help men with performance issues in bed, and/or to increase penis size, or both or more.

Many people think that male enhancement is just another term for penis enlargement but some pills are made specifically for more semen production and improving endurance. There are numerous male enhancement products on the market but people sometimes lose trust in products because of their apparent ineffectiveness. Male enhancement is not a scam. However, some products fail to work because they lack adequate ingredients to produce visible results. Male enhancement pills also take time to show visible results.

There is no single substance that can help you achieve all your male enhancement goals – this is the reason why all male enhancement pills are composed of several active ingredients.

The ingredients used in male enhancement pills may include: peperine/bioperine, damiana, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), epimedium, ginkgo leaf, folic acid, ginseng, l-arginine, tribulus, maca, yohimbine, and zinc. All these substances affect the body in different ways and in order to create an effective male enhancement pill, they must be used together.

The idea behind an effective male enhancement product is to manipulate the body’s endocrine system is such a way that promotes penile growth, and the best way to do it is to have higher dopamine, HGH and testosterone levels in the body and make the body get used to these higher levels.

However, when you make these changes in the body, the homeostasis system of the body kicks in and tries to resist change.


That is why, a multi-ingredient product that works via several mechanisms is required for male enhancement.

Reasons why better sex is so dependent on hormonal dynamics and complex neurochemistry

In order to understand why male enhancement pills become more effective as the number of active herbal ingredients increase, we must understand how the body responds to sexual stimulation.

Among the main problems affecting people who shop for male enhancement pills are small penis size, diminished sexual desire, performance issues, and decreased enjoyment. While small penis size might be caused by depression or low growth hormone levels in the body, it’s not a disease in itself. Other symptoms can be caused by several fixable physical and mental conditions.

Physicians unsuccessfully attempted to treat problems such as low libido with bio-identical hormones and that failure prompted them to think about why their technique didn’t work. The logical conclusion was that their method did not adequately cater for all problems that cause sexual problems. Human growth hormone, on the other hand seems to have a much comprehensive and long lasting effect on sex life, energy and vitality and libido and penis size. Read this scientific study about HGH and its role in penis size.

hgh penis

So, from the hormonal perspectives, it makes sense to go for a male enhancement pill that enhances your growth hormone levels, naturally.

Sexual dynamics and Neurochemistry of Sex

Scientists now know that in order to improve sexual performance, there are several aspects of sex that must be dealt with. It is a fact that the brain is the most important ingredient for better sexual performance. All hormones involved in controlling the four stages of sex including desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution are closely related to the brain.

This is the reason why any effective male enhancement pill must have the right ingredients to make sure that the body is well-equipped and that the brain is prepared for best performance. The four stages of sex are controlled by complex chemical reactions caused by neurotransmitters that work on your brain as well as other parts of the body. We shall now cover some of the important bases that any effective male enhancement pill must cover.

Improving arousal

It is now a fact that dopamine, a very important neurotransmitter, is essential for sexual arousal. When a person takes medication that blocks dopamine receptors in the brain, his sexual desire is significantly reduced. There are other factors that cause reduced sexual desire other than medication. Fortunately dopamine levels can be increased by taking male enhancement supplements with the right combination of substances to restore sexual functionality.

The following are some substances that can be used to improve arousal by boosting dopamine production and effectiveness. Some substances do it more than others.

  • Folic acid and vitamin B1 also help to improve erections
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Muira Puama
  • Ginkgo Biloba also increases blood supply to the penis and prevents cell damage as a result of aging. It also prevents blood clotting
  • Damiana also works on the nervous system to prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Epidemium increases nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is used by the brain to communicate with the heart to increase blood flow to the penis. It also causes the blood vessels in the penis to dilate in order to take more blood.
  • Ginseng optimizes the nervous system and testicles to prepare them for sexual activity
  • Zinc promotes growth of sex organs
  • Yohimbine is a powerful substance extracted from the bark of an African tree. It is so effective at causing erections that doctors prescribe it when a patient suffers from total erection failure. It also helps to treat diabetes – a major cause of erectile dysfunction. It comes with lots of side effects though.

Other substances that help to improve dopamine and arousal in men include: tyrosine and phenylalanine amino acids, chromium, and rhodiola rosea.

Effects of dopamine on penis size

Numerous male enhancement pills contain substances that enhance dopamine production. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that increases sexual arousal and improves many other aspects of sex. One of the things that dopamine does to your body is to increase penis size. This is one of the least known functions of dopamine.

The effect of dopamine on penis size was experienced accidentally by me when I  was suffering from clinical depression. Depression is a known cause of decreased penis size. Scientists have also conducted many studies on the effects of the stress hormone cortisol as well as dopamine on the sex life. Steroid users and those into pro-bodybuilding would tell you that cortisol decreases penis size while dopamine does the opposite.


A real-world confirmation of the effects of dopamine on sex comes from politicians. People with great political power have the highest levels of dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for motivation but it is also apparently the cause of the numerous sex scandals that affect politicians.

Turning away from politics, patients note that when they take supplements meant to increase dopamine levels, the sizes of their flaccid penises increase. Most of the time, supplements that improve dopamine production also fix other problems associated with make performance and size issues. For instance, Vigrx Plus, one of the most common male enhancement drugs, has several ingredients to boost dopamine levels. Vigrx Plus has other substances that increase testosterone production, reduce cortisol, and encourage penis growth by improving HGH (human growth hormone) production.

Improving the plateau phase of sex

The plateau stage is the longest-lasting stage of sex and it is heavily dependent on chemical substances. This is the stage where excitement level builds up in preparation for the orgasm. In addition to dopamine, there is another chemical known as acetylcholine which is also responsible for arousal.

Acetylcholine is believed to be responsible for enabling people to concentrate on sex hence sustaining arousal. People with low acetylcholine levels are not able to concentrate on sex and this failure to concentrate disrupts the arousal process. Several substances have been known to boost acetylcholine including:

  • Acetyl-L-carnitine
  • Choline
  • DMAE
  • Managanese
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

One more interesting thing about Acetylcholine is that it increases Human growth hormone as well, by blocking the enzyme somatostatin that is an HGH-blocker. And you must know by now, HGH is required for any kind of muscle growth in the body, even penile growth.

Also, Acetylcholine sends signals to your nervous system, regarding libido and erections. In short, higher Acetylcholine means stronger erections.

Enhancing orgasms

Orgasm is the second-to-last stage of sex. It is also the shortest but most exhilarating stage of sex but there are several factors that make some people enjoy it more than others. One of the reasons why orgasm might become less enjoyable for some people is an inadequacy of chemicals needed to trigger orgasms. The most important of those chemicals is known as GABA.

GABA is responsible for promoting brain function and regulating sexual tone. When this chemical is in short supply, it becomes difficult for a person to let go of negative feelings, anxiety, and fear. This is the worst state to be in during sex and it affects your ability to achieve and/or enjoy orgasm.

A GABA deficiency can be remedied by the following substances.

  • GABA supplements
  • B vitamins
  • Branched-chain amino acids including isoleucine, leucine, and valine
  • Inositol
  • Kava kava

I recommend taking another supplement called Genf20 Plus, an HGH releaser, that contains choline(for production of acetylcholine) and GABA both and combine it with Vigrx Plus.

Serotonin for improving sexual resolution

Resolution is the last stage of sex and it is controlled by neurotransmitters in the brain. The chemicals necessary for proper sexual resolution is serotonin. Its main functions include: modulating aggression, anger, sexuality, body temperature, mood, and sleep. Serotonin deficiency causes a decrease in intimacy and joy which in turn affects sexual resolution. Some of the nutrients that can help to address low serotonin levels include:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Magnesium
  • Saffron extract
  • 5-HTP
  • Tryptophan

Keeping serotonin high during sex is also a way to last longer in bed. The supplement Prosolution Plus has several ingredients that increase serotonin production and keeping them high.

Recommended products

Vigrx Plus

Genf20 Plus

Prosolution Plus

How to meet sexual and emotional needs of your woman?

The sexual health of women; knowing what you need to meet your sexual needs

Discussing your sexual need with your hubby can be a rewarding experience that strengthens your marriage. Try putting into consideration some of the tips here

A woman can only be in excellent emotional condition when her sexual needs are being met. Good sexual health does not happen overnight. A lot has to be put in. There has to be open communication. It is never easy to talk about sexuality, but it is always worth the effort.

This guide was created to make your a woman enjoy sex once again.

Women’s sexual health

The assumption most people make is that sexual activity is stimulated by desire. Simply put, you only have sex when you are in mood to. Even though this may be true for men, studies have shown that it is much more complicated for women.

Women, especially those who are in their 40s or more and have crossed menopause, require more than physical desire to get into the mood for sex. At this point, she sees sex as a means to express her feelings, or draw closer to her partner.

We can then infer from here that sexual satisfaction is different for men and women. While some women may be looking for orgasm during sex, others are okay with just the pleasure of sexual arousal.

The first step to take in improving the sexual health of your woman, is to let her and encourage her to open up to you.

The role of the men

Intimacy can be quite a hard thing for men. At the thought of intimacy, the next thing that comes to the mind is sexual intimacy. The intimacy we are talking about here is very different.

Women try to get intimate with their man through their emotion.

Where men get it wrong is when they believe that intimacy means meeting only the sexual needs of their women. One common erroneous action men take is trying to meet the attention their women are seeking for by buying them gifts. It sometimes makes men to wonder why our girlfriends and wives aren’t still happy after all the efforts.

It is that easy for men to connect emotionally, but you will get it all wrong as a man when you believe you are right on track when you show love and care to your partner by helping out with house chores, catering to the needs of your family, or planning your vacation. However, don’t push the limits and remember your role as a man.

Women suffer from frustration when connecting with their men becomes a problem. So guys stop thinking you are being there for your wife or girlfriend by just providing to her needs.

There are no quick fixes to intimacy. You need to have a receptive heart to listen to her without defending yourself. Be willing to accept constructive criticism, and give feedback. Bear in mind that you have not really failed as a father or boyfriend, only that you got a lot of work to do.

Let your partner know how you feel as well. Let her feel that you are also vulnerable, and that could mean simply doing nothing. Women want like it when their men can relate well with them.

Find out from your partner the areas where you need improvement. Maybe you are not being supportive enough or not showing enough care. Never make assumptions.

One way of knowing that your woman isn’t connecting with you, is when she withdraws herself sexually or physically. They will criticize and invalidate you, but all they really want is your attention.

One solution to this problem, is being open in your conversation with your partner, so as to reconnect back with her. Doing so helps you regain your sexual intimacy with her. Most at times, we are tempted to run or pretend like all is well when they are not in our relationships.

For the men, this usually takes the form of avoidance and compartmentalization. You have to approach such issues from a new angle this time around. Talk out your problems with your partner.

Avoid the trap of resorting to criticism, be very open in your conversation with them, and you would be amazed how things would turn out. Your relationship just ends up getting sweeter.

The role women need to play

The first thing to do is to talk about your needs. It might feel a bit awkward talking about your sexual needs and desire with your partner, but it is worth it. Talking out with your partner about your sexual experience makes things easier on your partner, and helps bridge the gap in your relationship, thus making your sexual life much richer. So here are some helpful tips

Acknowledge your uneasiness. Let your partner know if there is something bothering you. Be willing to open up makes things easy on the side of your partner. The simplest way to start is to start up a conversation, as doing so will help build up your level of confidence.

Also set a time limit. Make your talks as short as possible. 15 minutes of talk on this topic, helps make things smooth.

Don’t stop after your first talk about your sexual experience. It should be something you do all the time.

A good book or movie has a lot to offer. If the book teaches about women’s sexual health, stir the interest of your partner in reading it. Watching a movie that reflects women’s sexual experience is a great way to start up a conversation.

Topics you need to discuss with your partner

Being specific when talking about your sexual needs makes things easy. Some of the topics that need to be talked over with your partner include;


Do you two devout the right amount of time to your sexual intimacy? If there isn’t sufficient time, may be it is about time you two changed your priorities.


Are you on the same page with your partner when it comes to romance? If romance is missing in your relationship, there is need to find it again.


What do you two really enjoy during sex? Listen attentively to your partner to know their interest. There might be need for compromise, so that everyone goes home happy.

Routine vs. rut

Has your sex life fallen into a dead routine? Do you need to make some changes? Changes you might have to make could either be changing the times you have sex, or trying out new sex styles. Masturbation, massage, oral sex and even vibrator can liven up your sex.

Emotional intimacy

Sex isn’t just a physical act. Sex gives couples the opportunity to reconnect and know themselves much better.

Physical and emotional changes

How possible is it that changes which could be as a result of weight gain, surgery or illness affect your sex life? Try eliminating whatever it is that is hampering your sex life. Stress is a major culprit here.


Let your partner know what you believe concerning sex. Some men think women lose their desire for sex after they have crossed menopause. This is of course not true.

Coping with each other’s different sexual needs

Appetite for sex isn’t the same for everyone. Illness, stress and career is a major determining factor. Talk this out with your partner

The same goes for intimacy needs.

Intimacy does not end at sex, it includes spiritual, recreational and physical needs as well.

Sexual desires for couples also differ. Try finding a meeting ground so that everyone stays happy.

When to consult a doctor

If after observing most of the tips shared here and your problem still continues, you will need to talk it out with a doctor. Poor state of health can affect your sex life. If you are suffering from illness like vaginal dryness, you will need to seek treatment. Proper medication and lubrication can help solve this problem

Effects of obesty on sex life

Obesity is a major problem among Americans. On top of that, it exists with some pretty well known diseases. One of the well-known obesity related diseases is Diabetes, another is hypertension/cardiovascular disease, another is sleep apnea, and lastly we have high cholesterol.

Most importantly sexual dysfunction is also among the most common diseases that are associated with being overweight, and the one most rarely discussed. It is usually accompanied by hormonal disturbances. Additionally, and sadly, the affects are emotional distresses.

Erectile Dysfunction

Research tells us that erectile dysfunction (ED) is present in over fifty-three (53) percent of the male population. The dysfunction usually starts at age forty (40) and lasts through the age of seventy (70).

Some may think that the man is the only person suffering from this disease. However, because of the great decrease in sexual pleasure woman also happen to be the victims of sexual dysfunction that comes with obesity and because of this they might also suffer from anxiety. Usually bad sexual performance leads to worse and eventually depression arrives for both men and women.

Erectile dysfunction is actually quite serious. Here are some of the erectile dysfunction risks:

• The first risk is age
• The second risk is cardiovascular disease
• The third risk factor is high blood pressure
• The fourth risk is low testosterone

If you want to add more risk factors to having erectile dysfunction try smoking and eating a poor diet/junk food.

Besides, not only will a sedentary lifestyle probably give you erectile dysfunction but you will also attract diabetes.

Obesity and Sex

Research shows that obesity does damage your blood vessels. When your blood vessels are damaged, the blood flow in penile region gets disturbed. Usually, blood vessels damage is also accompanied by decrease in testosterone, which again creates hinders in having a full, strong enough erection for intercourse.

Research also shows that your body, in the condition of obesity, becomes inflamed causing free radicals that damage more body tissues.

All of these problems associated with obesity will cause sexual problems.

Sexual Problems: The role of blood flow in penis

Mainly, anything that may cause heart disease, or that may cause a stroke can also cause sexual problems. Additionally, damaged blood vessels potentially cause sexual problems.

One of the reasons the penis becomes erect is because it fills up with blood. These vessels of blood have an inner lining called, the endothelium. When the endothelium lining becomes damaged the penis does not, cannot, and will not receive its natural blood flow. Blood flow is the needed substance to sustain a human male erection.


Improving erections naturally

Research tells us not to panic. You can improve most of the sexual problems, and ED that is caused by the obesity. Here’s a list of things you can do to get the blood flowing to your penis again.

1. First you will need to make some specific healthy lifestyle changes and improve your diet and regularly take time for exercise. It’s important that you get serious about an exercise routine. Stop smoking, if you smoke.

2. Second you will need to get your body mass index (BMI) to a level lesser than 30.

3. Third, look for healthy, safe and natural alternatives to prescription drugs to treat the erection problems. Here is a list of herbs that guarantee a better and stronger erection.

Follow the instructions on this page and your erectile dysfunction and sexual problems will probably be erased faster than you thought.

Get fit today! The last thing to do is reduce blood sent to mans second brain!