Is Extenze the best male enhancement pill out there? An extensive review


Hi there. I am Ron Males. I have also searched and researched a lot on male enhancement pills like you and after finding there is a lot of misinformation out there, decided to set up this website after doing some real thorough research.

In this article I take on Extenze, a very popular male enhancement pill and try to explain why I believe this is not the best male enhancement product. I believe that  Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus pills are both better products than Extenze.

The article below seeks to explain the reasons why I chose Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus pills over Extenze.

In case you don’t want to read the whole article, here are the 2 crucial sections – Cons of Extenze (based on its ingredients) and Unethical advertising and Doctors’ testimonials by Extenze in the past.

Criteria for product ranking

These are the criteria on which I have reviewed the male enhancement products :-

  1.     Ingredients (Quality, Quantity and Diversity) :- They should be able to target different mechanisms in the body for male enhancement
  2.     Stand alone Clinical study (done on product itself, not individual ingredients and herbs)
  3.     Price
  4.     Medical recommendations
  5.     User reviews

If I find better male enhancement pill than Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus , I’ll list it here. By a “better product” I mean a product that either has better ingredients or that brings forward a new but proven scientific methodology. ALSO the product should have undergone a clinical study on its own.

Is Extenze the best enhancement product out there?

We all know that the male enhancement companies are multi-million dollar industries and they do a good job of convincing men that if they take these pills they will become better in bed and bigger down there.

There is no age bracket that is not trying to obtain these male enhancers like Extenze, somehow due to the amount of pressure that we as a society and in the media puts on sex.

Besides, for men over 50 who are suffering from the medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, low libido etc. , such products bring a ray of hope.

However, there are now many such companies facing lawsuits due to false advertising or improper labeling of the ingredients in their products. As it seems, Extenze also has had its fair share of lawsuits.

Just like the many other products in the “male enhancement” industry, Extenze is offering men the chance to increase their genital size and boost their sex life.

It is not the first time the world has seen such a ‘miracle’ product. Like Enzyte, the product claims a 24-27% size increase.

However, the medical fraternity backing this product seems to be comprised of fake, phony doctors.

The product was promoted on a popular infomercial featuring Dr. Daniel Stein, a doctor who lies. This infomercial captured the attention of desperate men and this was good marketing.

Dr. Stein wrote this advertisement which appears as a full-page ad in Stuff magazine. In the ad Dr. Stein makes it extremely clear that he has never endorsed any other penis growth pill before and uses his medical degree to tell men Eztenze can make their penis grow.

But, a closer analysis reveals that he promoted another male enhancement product Alzare, besides Extenze years ago.

Extenze claims

Extenze, like many other enhancement products out there might be marketing itself in the various media ads by claiming that it can help with the following –

  • An increase in penis size
  • No more premature ejaculation, impotence, or low sperm count
  • You will no longer have to worry about not getting an erection
  • Your sexual encounters will last longer
  • More semen development

However, is it really that effective? For this to answer, we should have a look at its ingredients.

Extenze Ingredients

1 . Micronized DHEA (to increase Testosterone in the body, does a good job)
2. Tribulus Extract (to increase Testosterone again)
3. Deer Velvet Antler (to increase human growth hormone. Read more on this here.)
4. Hops Extract
5. Pumpkin Extract
6. Eleuthero Extract
7. Korean Ginseng
8. Yohimbe
And more…

The sheer variety of ingredients in this supplement is a strong positive. Assuming the quality of the herbal extracts in the product is good, Extenze does seem to be a worthwhile product.

Cons of Extenze

However, there are the following cons:-

1. It misses out on some more powerful male enhancement herbal ingredients. Therefore, it’s unable to target all the hormonal mechanisms of male enhancement.

2. It contains the chemical from the Cameroonian tree called, Yohimbe. It’s a powerful stimulant and has some serious side effects associated with it. These include: abnormal heart beat, dizziness, headaches, and insomnia. The chemical boosts sexual desire and energy. People suffering form heart conditions should definitely avoid this.

3. Does not effectively use the dopamine and HGH mechanism for male enhancement. In my opinion and scientists agree on this too, HGH or human growth hormone is one of the most crucial hormones involved in any muscle or tissue growth, including the penis growth.

4. Coupled with some “unethical marketing” and huge number of consumer complaints, it definitely creates a huge doubt in minds of buyers. Read more about the unethical marketing done by Extenze in the past.

5. There are better products in the market, like Vigrx Plus and Prosolution Plus, that have undergone strict clinical studies to gauge their effectiveness. They work by targeting various hormonal pathways for penis enlargement and also make use of the HGH mechanism.


Exposing the unethical companies: Why most male enhancement products don’t work?

Well, we can see why Extenze does not work as effectively as claimed and there are several bad user reviews on the product floating on the internet.

However, in our quest of discovering the best enhancement products, lets talk of male enhancement pills in general and understand why in most cases they fail.

1. Ineffective or Harmful ingredients

Many male enhancement companies do not list any of the ingredients, especially the harmful ones, on their packaging. When you research what you are actually taking into your body, you realize that half of the ingredients do not actually do what they are supposed to do, and sometimes are even harmful to your body.

For effective male enhancement, several hormonal pathways need to be triggered simultaneously in the body by using diverse set of herbal ingredients that all work by diverse mechanisms simultaneously producing a synergy effect.

A number of enhancement pills have got mild aphrodisiacs and/or multivitamins like vitamins E and A and minerals like zinc as their primary ingredients.

Although these nutritional vitamins and minerals are shown to improve male libido as well hardening penile erection there is absolutely no way they are able to get rid of just about all sexual difficulties or enhance penis size.

A number of penis enlargement products do not possess a healthy and balanced medical formula for best results.

Like some don’t have herbal selections like Ginseng, some don’t have Mucuna Pruriens (Read about Mucuna Pruriens on this post), Shilajit, or Tribulus Terrestris.

Here is a tip: Penis enhancement can be stimulated by using a product that uses different mechanisms. Here are a few possible mechanisms:-

  • i. Increasing nitric oxide
  • ii. Increasing testosterone
  • iii. Most importantly , increasing “human growth hormone” or HGH, the hormone responsible for any kind of growth in the body
  • iv. Increasing dopamine levels
  • v. Balancing dopamine-serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain, which leads to more sex drive as well as again, more human growth hormone production.

However, most companies also don’t appear to be serious in making use of quality ingredients that influence all of the above mechanisms in their product or when it comes to research and development or increasing effectiveness of their Quality control departments, R&D and labs.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with Extenze too.

Another way male enhancement companies scam consumers is by including sexually potent BUT potentially dangerous ingredients like sildenafil citrate etc. in the pills. Here is a list of companies that do so. However, drugs like sildenafil can’t increase penis size.

Besides, most enhancement pills on the market don’t have “enteric coating”.  The best companies in the industry would ensure that their pills have “enteric coating” so the maximum amount of ingredients get absorbed in the body and are not just destroyed by stomach acid.

2. Products better than Extenze (The hormonal mechanism of penis enlargement)

Currently, the best pills in the market that work by the efficient hormonal mechanisms mentioned above, and also have “enteric coating”, are the following:-

  • i. Vigrx Plus – works predominantly by testosterone, “human growth hormone” and nitric oxide mechanisms leading to a fuller, harder erection enhancing the length and girth
  • ii. Prosolution Plus – works predominantly by the dopamine, “human growth hormone”, and Balancing dopamine-serotonin neurotransmitters mechanisms in the brain

Both products are actively backed by reputed medical doctors as well and have undergone “clinical studies” on their own.

Vigrx Plus is so popular with its repeat customers ordering more and more, that a whole counterfeit vigrx pills industry has been set up. To help protect the customers from the counterfeit scams, the company has issued a “Counterfeit warning” on its official website and mentioned few procedures for the customers to help identify the authenticity of their product.

If you want to know which product should you use first, there is no perfect answer because it depends on your current brain’s neurochemistry and the fact is “Testosterone increases sexual desire by stimulating dopamine in the brain.

Testosterone works to increase muscle size including penile size in presence of “dopamine”.”

So, testosterone and dopamine will work together.

However, both these products are better than Extenze, since they have more powerful ingredients and they target all the hormonal mechanisms for penile growth.

However, in my opinion, dopamine and human growth hormone are more potent in enlarging penis size, this is something that I have observed personally. You can also read about the anecdotal and scientific evidences for human growth hormone and penis size.

People who suffer from clinical depression because of low levels of dopamine often notice that their penis shrinks in length while in flaccid state and they even face erection problems. Using a dopamine enhancing product by such patients often results in increase in penis size and a much better and stronger erection as well.

When men watch a lot of porn, the “dopamine receptors” get messed up and the penis can shrink, literally.

My advice would be to avoid porn completely, do some high intense workouts AND exercises (to increase both testosterone and HGH) and use any of the above mentioned pills Vigrx Plus or Prosolution Plus or use them both together.

3. Unethical Marketing Techniques:

Companies behind products like Extenze will do anything in their power to sell a product, especially the male enhancement–and sex–industries.

They will tell you everything that you are wanting to hear just to sell you a product, even if what you are hearing are complete lies. Be weary of everything you see and hear from these companies.

Vincent James in his marketing and advertising book 12 month millionaire describes how he could acquire most money out of the pockets of the consumers on account of a particular “credit card” marketing and loopholes in legal requirements.

Here is an excerpt

The above mentioned section is used to lure customers into recurrent/continuity “credit card billing” (see References below for more examples) and is thought of practically as a sacred textual content of advertising and promoting in the “male enhancement” industry, as making use of it in his selling and supplements marketing campaigns, Vincent James became a millionaire.

Another way, the companies scam consumers is by opening up their own “penis enlargement review site” and then claim their own product or service is the number 1 ranked penis enlargement/male enhancement.

You will see a great deal of websites showing up as legitimate review websites that in fact are either owned by the product owners themselves, especially those that recommend the cheap products on ebay.

Below are a few examples:-

Endowmax, Xytomax, Xanogen – All 3 pills are belong to the exact same company and they even have the same phone order number.Any website that details them together as best 3 male enhancement pills is surely misleading people.

Marathon 21 / Magna-Rx – They also originate from same company. There is a huge chance Magna-Rx’s cheap ingredients are exactly same in Marathon 21. Magna-Rx has had more than enough poor promotion previously because of the lies.

Extagen – Some review websites report that Extagen in the only effective male enhancement item. The Extagen product is only slightly better than others but definitely they are not the best in industry.

Another prevalent SCAM on ebay is selling counterfeit pills of genuine products that have “successfully undergone clinical study” like Vigrx Plus.

4. Inadequate or Unfriendly Staff:

Even though some male enhancement companies give refunds if you are not happy with your results, or lack thereof, the actual response time and general kindness of the staff members is lacking within the industry.

Most of the employees, especially the higher ups, know that what they are doing and that their conduct and advertising is wrong, but they do not want to bring attention to that fact so they just dismiss the complaint altogether.

This is precisely what you can expect when you buy a cheap product. The companies just don’t maintain adequate number of employees to keep up with their customers, because they have to limit their costs.


After gathering so much information about the male enhancement industry, it is easy to see that this industry has seen a lot of scams, lawsuits, safety concerns raised by FDA, unethical marketing and what not, yet the manufacturers make money, which sometimes operate their businesses from their home garages or basements.

Right now, I can’t recommend Extenze as the best male enhancement pill.

However, there are some good quality products that are manufactured in state of the art labs and also have undergone clinical studies to measure their effectiveness.

If you want to try male enhancement, speak to your doctor or physician before buying into one of the faulty, misleading advertisements trying to sell you penis growth pills and the like.

Channel your inner confidence and your sexual life will improve without the need of placebo effects.

If you want to buy a product, only rely on those that have diverse ingredients that work via “different mechanisms” in a comprehensive manner, influencing the sexual neurochemistry in brain AND have undergone clinical studies under strict medical provisions and whose efficiency can be confirmed by reputed medical experts.

Once again, here are the recommended products:-

Vigrx Plus

Prosolution Plus

Bathmate HydroMax pump

Best Strategy for penis enlargement

Lastly, consider buying a “high quality penis pump”. Interestingly, the efficiency of a penis pump in enlarging the penis size is much higher than pills.

Using a penis pump like Bathmate HydroMax and combining it with a penis pill that works on “testosterone/HGH/nitric oxide” mechanism or “dopamine/serotonin/HGH” mechanism is the best strategy to increase penis size.

The penis pumping forces blood into your penis. This will increase the internal pressure in the shaft and cause micro-tears in the muscles and tissues. This allows for more blood to enter the penis which gives you the increased size and hardness that you are looking for.

Just like when bodybuilders workout in the gym and create micro tears in their muscles, and then use steroids, supplements or growth hormone to build, repair and grow those overloaded muscle cells. The same mechanism will work for penile growth, because, penis is also just a muscle.

Understand the significance of dopamine. In my opinion, dopamine and human growth hormone are more potent in enlarging penis size. Read more about it on website’s home page.

People who suffer from clinical depression because of low levels of dopamine often notice that their penis shrinks in length while in flaccid state and they even face erection problems. Using a dopamine enhancing product by such patients often results in increase in penis size and a much better and stronger erection as well.

When men watch a lot of porn, the “dopamine receptors” get messed up and the penis can shrink, literally.

My advice would be to avoid porn completely, do some high intense workouts AND exercises (to increase both testosterone and HGH) and use either Prosolution Plus or Vigrx Plus or use them both.

Once again, here are the recommended products:-

Vigrx Plus

Prosolution Plus

Bathmate HydroMax pump